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#REPresent is a Teen Advisory Board designed to give teens a voice in the programming designed for them. In it’s second year, the #REPresent board has contributed to the planning of the 2016-2017 year by assisting in planning Teen programming and creating new programs such as Scripted Players while also providing input in the creation and design of the new Education logo and website. The #REPresent board attends all of Florida Rep’s Mainstage work and attends talk backs with the actors after each production. This board gives students a leadership opportunity within the community as well as providing inside experience in how a professional regional theatre is run from the ground up. 


#REPresent is proud to host a brand new event entitled Scripted Players a play reading discussion night. Designed and hosted by the board, the event will raise money for Conservatory scholarships. To learn more about Teen Programming click here.

2016-2017 #REPresent Officers

President- Jesse Massari

Vice President- Rachel Salerno

Treasurer- Madison Gregory

PR- Cat Westley 

Assistant to PR- Isabella Cintron

Secretary- Rachel Dominguez 

2016-2017 #REPresent Members 

ISABELLA CINTRON (2nd year; Cypress ’18)

ALY CHILDS (2nd year; North Fort Myers ’18)

RACHAEL DOMINGUEZ (1st year; Cypress ’18)

MADISON GREGORY (2nd year; Homeschool ’17)

BRYCE HAGEN (1st year; Fort Myers High ’19)

JESSE MASSARI (2nd year; North Fort Myers ’19) 

ALYSSA MEHRBURG (2nd year; Fort Myers High ’19) 

ALANA POUND (2nd year; North Fort Myers ’17)

HANNAH ROBINSON (1st year; Homeschool ’19) 

RACHEL SALERNO (2nd year; North Fort Myers ’17) 

CALVIN WALDEAU (1st year; Canterbury ’20) 

JOEY WEATHERWAX (2nd year; Fort Myers High ’18) 

CAT WESTLEY (1st year; Homeschool ’18)


2015-2016 #REPresent Board