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Home School Arts

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Home School Arts

6 sessions | Tuition: $90

Home School Arts builds a platform of creative learning and imagination by exploring both onstage and off-stage theatre elements and styles.  Throughout the eight week program, students will obtain a well-rounded view of the performing arts with an emphasis on a performance topic.  This year we will be working with IMPROVISATION in the fall and PLAYBUILDING in the Spring.  Each student will start to explore the creative uses of the three main acting instruments; voice, mind, and body as they learn about character development and creation.  This sense of creative play will continue with establishing environments and settings within the dramatic aspects of a story or play.  Team building and communication will also be learned through artistic collaboration as we work together in telling a story to an audience.  At the end of the eight weeks, the students will have a short informal story to perform and also discuss their part in creating it as an ensemble.

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