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Private Lessons

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Interested in more individualized attention? Private lessons can be scheduled with a professional teaching artist at a rate of $50 per hour. Lessons scheduled based on availability. Click to email Christina DeCarlo or call 239-332-4665 x 2020 for more information. 


 Home School Arts

Call 239.332.4665 X 2036 to reserve a spot for their students for our Home School Class.  The Class is 100.00 per student and 75.00 for an additional sibling.  The Class starts March 8th from 10-11am and will be held at Florida Repertory Theatre’s Education Annex in the Historic Arcade building downtown at 2268 Bay St, Ft. Myers FL 33901.  Limited street Parking is available as well as nearby ramps to park as well.  

Home School Arts builds a platform of creative learning and imagination by exploring both onstage and off-stage theatre elements and styles.  Throughout the eight week program, students will obtain a well-rounded view of the performing arts with an emphasis on performance.  Each student will start to explore the creative uses of the three main acting instruments; voice, mind, and body as they learn about character development and creation.  This sense of creative play will continue with establishing environments and settings within the dramatic aspects of a story or play.  Teambuilding and communication will also be learned through the artistic collaboration as we work together in telling a story to an audience.  At the end of the eight weeks, the students will have a short informal story to perform and also discuss their part in creating it as an ensemble.