BULLETPROOF BACKPACK A World Premiere Production

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co-commission in partnership with Oregon Children’s Theatre

Written by Eric Coble
with contributions from Florida Rep Education Students

Directed by Kody C Jones



Auditions May 27th, 2020 3:00 pm – 8:00 pm

*Requirements: One 1 minute dramatic monologue.  Please prepare a second 1 minute dramatic OR comedic monologue in case you are asked for a second piece.

BULLETPROOF BACKPACK comes from the creative team of Eric Coble and Kody C Jones and is being conceived and directed by Jones and written by Broadway Playwright; Coble with contributions by a team of local SW Florida students

BULLETPROOF BACKPACK will be comprised of two separate programs that hinge together in the student-driven creation of not only a world premiere theatrical production but a social-justice project for participating students, schools, and the local community.

The youth of SW Florida will research, interview and explore the past atrocities of gun violence in order to investigate, inspire, and unite with hopes of starting conversations for the future and provoking insightful thought for change.


“Only with the constant education of the past and active push for change can we truly expect Never Again.” “The atrocities we saw in gun violence rebounded in a movement for change that was faster and stronger than we’d ever seen before and it was led by our nation’s youth.” “Our youth are our future and enabling them to speak and supporting the voice our nation’s future is what this project is all about.”

Show Dates: 

August 7th 7:00pm

August 8th 2:00 pm and 7:00 pm

August 9th 2:00 pm

August 13th 7:00 pm

August 14th 7:00 pm

August 15th 7:00 pm