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FLORIDA REP EDUCATION'S Upcoming 2020-2021 Theatre for Young Audiences Shows

Announcing Florida Rep Education's NEW VIRTUAL TOUR starting live virtual streams to school in October!

The Girl Who Swallowed a Cactus

An online Play by Eric Coble
Featuring Florida Rep's own Kody C Jones

Recommended for grades 1st - 6th

Join us on this interactive streaming adventure where our main narrator; Dust Cloud and his friends lead students through a perilous journey to recover a stolen artifact only to discover an unknown world connected to our own. Filled with magical realism and surprises at every turn, this funny story of friendship and imagination will transform any virtual learning or physical classroom and instill fun creative energy that students have been pining for.

This Live Virtual production teaches students the importance of recycling, environmental, and working together in finding tomorrow’s solutions for today’s problems.

For information on pricing and scheduling please email!



Ella EnchantedElla Enchanted the Musical

Recommended for grades PK-4th

Ella of Frell is given the ‘”gift” of obedience by Lucinda, her misguided Fairy Godmother, and is forced to do anything people command her. On her adventure to rid herself of the curse, she must outwit ogres, sidestep giants, befriend a prince, survive her step-family, and ultimately find the power to be her true self.

“We couldn’t be more excited for next season’s lineup of professional TYA tours that will be visiting schools all over SW Florida.”

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Recommended for grades 5-8th

Caitlin is an 11-year-old girl on the autism spectrum. Not all things make sense to her. Emotions are mysterious and voices are almost always too loud. Suddenly, she must grapple with the unthinkable: a mass shooting has taken her brother away. He was the one person who helped her cope. Now she is alone with her grieving father and a cacophony of children at school. She struggles to understand empathy, what facial expressions mean, and why a drawing might have more than one color. We see the world from Caitlin’s point of view. We struggle as she does. We also take comfort in the times when she finds a friend, draws a multicolored mockingbird, and can finally cry for her brother.

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A Midsummer Night's Dream

Unrehearsed Shakespeare:
A Midsummer Night's Dream

Adapted & Directed by Bill Kincaid

Recommended for grades 9-12th

A Royal Wedding, two pairs of love-struck juveniles, a group of dumb-struck actors, and a gang of mischievous fairies, what could go wrong?  In our version of Shakespeare’s classic comedy, six actors play all of the roles in this hilarious Shakespearean romp.  Did we mention that the actors have never - played these roles before?  That’s right, they are completely unrehearsed!  Only scrolls with the actor’s lines and multiple hats and props for changing characters will aid our actors in this adventurous new revisioning.  

Developed by theatre scholar; and director; Bill Kincaid, ‘Unrehearsed Shakespeare’ is a fun new method of performing the Bard’s Best by keeping the focus on what makes Shakespeare truly exceptional, the language!  Unrehearsed Shakespeare allows for actors to only receive their own lines plus a few syllables of their cues.  Actors receive training in a set of guidelines that, when followed, steer them through the performance in a way that is fun, exciting, and unavoidably spontaneous!

For information on pricing and scheduling please email!

Performance Running Time: 65 Minutes

*Performance Running Time with After-Show Workshop: 85 Minutes

This production will only tour February and March 2021, so book your tour today!

*The After-Show Workshop consists of a lesson on Iambic Pentameter and the Verse of William Shakespeare as well as a brief discussion on the history and importance of his plays.  We’ll also provide group activities and a Q and A on with the students.


Two ways to see our Theatre For Young Audience Series!

Our LUNCHBOX PROGRAM invites schools to bring their students to see our Theatre for Young Audience Series in the Historic Arcade Theatre! In addition to the performance, students will participate in a Q&A with our actors, and learn from an interactive workshop which connects to curriculum, and students are encouraged to bring a packed lunch to enjoy during the workshop! Tickets are just $10 per student/chaperoneNEW THIS YEAR: To help with the cost of transportation, we are offering a $100 discount to schools which bring 100 students or more!


Lunchbox Dates and Times:

Ella Enchanted:

  • November 13th, 2020 
  • December 10th, 2020 
  • May 19th, 2021 
  • May 20th, 2021 
  • May 21st, 2021 Mockingbird 
  • December 3rd, 2020 
  • May 13th, 2021Midsummer 
  • May 14th, 2021 

Let us come to you! The TYA series also TOURS directly to schools! We pack up our set, costumes, and actors, and bring our show to you! Pricing for a performance to come directly to your school is as follows: 

  • $450 for 300 or less 
  • $550 for 301-400 students 
  • $650 for 401-500 students 
  • $750 for 501 and up 


For information on pricing and scheduling please email!

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