In-School Residency Programs

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Bring theatre right off the stage and into your school! Students will explore all theatre has to offer with assistance from the Florida Rep Education staff and teaching artists. In school residencies will allow students to expand their natural creative talent while connecting your course curriculum to the performing arts. Choose from three different programs which including;

  1. Behind the Scenes, our post-tour hour long residency brings our Actors and Tour Manager into your classroom to discuss the process of building and performing a show and taking it on the road. They will also teach the basics of performance as members of the class are invited to take on the roles from Elephants and Piggies: We are in a Play & Ella Enchanted learn basic preparation on what it’s like to be a professional actor.
  2. Three Day Play – This three-day residency brings both a professional theatre artist and fellow educator to your classroom to teach the basic fundamentals of putting on a show including voice and movement and an introduction to stagecraft. Each day the students will take another step closer as they prepare to put on their own ten-minute play at the end of day three. 
  3. Acting the Curriculum – This 1-2 week residency is specifically catered to the needs of students and educators to incorporate, enhance, and bring to life, the artistic value of a specific piece of curriculum or story currently being taught in the classroom. The effective element of performing arts brings the students into the lesson and makes them a creative part of the learning process.

*Please call 239.219.1551 for pricing.

Pricing is approximate and based on 30 or fewer students.
Florida Rep Education in school residencies can be paired with pre and post workshop performances of Elephants and Piggies: We are in a Play & Ella Enchanted. In addition, workshops can be created to correlate with common core.