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2’s Review: ‘Matilda’ has arrived: Matilda The Musical is a treat for the entire family and is playing on stage at the Florida Repertory Theatre.

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FORT MYERS, Fla. – ‘Matilda’ is a show for anyone who has ever faced adversity or a bully in their life.

Matilda The Musical is a treat for the entire family and is playing on stage at the Florida Repertory Theatre in downtown Fort Myers.
This show is made up of 41 talented Southwest Florida drama students, a fact you quickly forget after they step on stage and tell the story of 5-year old genius, Matilda Wormwood.

A little girl with a big spirit, beautifully played by Mia Zottolo, who captures your heart from the moment she enters the stage. She begins to conquer the obstacles she faces at home with her parents who don’t want her, and her miseries at school where she unleashes her girl power and begins to right the wrongs she encounters along the way. Her solo performance of “Quiet” is phenomenal and delivered with emotion that made time stand still.

The show begins with Matilda’s birth to two self centered parents: Mr. Wormwood, a used car salesman played by Chance Clinton, and Mrs. Wormwood, a mother who cares only about dancing, less about mothering, played by Sophie Hagan.  Hagan has a strong and beautiful voice to match her acting abilities.
Stealing the show is the child hating Miss Agatha Trunchbull, the headmistress of Matilda’s school, played by Nathan Ross. He delivers a fierce antagonist bully feared by the students. Trunchbull delivers all of his lines with the no nonsense madness the character is known for.  Ross commands the stage whether he’s swinging a student by pigtails or forcing another to eat chocolate cake, reminding us all of the villainous teacher we feared.

But it is the lovely and endearing Miss Honey, played by Katie Means, who does a great job playing the naive teacher who discovers her own short comings with the help of Matilda. Means has beautiful vocals and displays them well in her solos “This Little Girl” and “My House,” reminding us of what inspirational teachers are made of.

A special mention in this show, undoubtedly, goes to Elizabeth Fleetham, who plays the unassuming librarian, Mrs. Phelps. She is an otherwise kind motherly figure, but it’s her comedic physical nerdy comedy that had me loving this character, who I never thought much of in other performances.
This show lived up to its challenge and gave every student a chance to share the lessons of life, and even the non-speaking parts shine in this production that was beautifully choreographed by Kayley Jayne Steven. She clearly spent time weaving the students around motifs of alphabet blocks and chalkboards in this fast paced comedy.

This is a simple stage set for a show which conveyed depth and meaning. Matilda The Musical is worth seeing and deliciously reminds us, “sometimes you have to be a little bit naughty.”


Matilda runs through October 19 a the Florida Repertory Theater.

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