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BWW Review: INTO THE WOODS JR. at Florida Repertory Theatre

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INTO THE WOODS JR. at Florida Rep tells a shortened version of the stories of the Baker and his wife, Jack and his mom and their cow, Cinderella and Rapunzel and their princes, the Witch, Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf, and more.

This production was so cute. These kids are very talented and clearly passionate about performing, and it was a lot of fun to see them in a production like this. The show was so funny, sometimes unintentionally, and I loved that aspect.

Ava Stoeberl is the Narrator in this production, and she did a lovely job. I also really enjoyed Mia Zottolo as Little Red Riding Hood and Macy Magas as Cinderella, and Grace Layne Ryan was hilarious as the Mysterious Woman. Shennan Nelson did a great job as Jack, truly showing the audience how much Jack loves his cow, Milky White (Trevor Gluski). Carter Gurule plays the Baker and Gigi Lieze-Adams plays his wife, and I enjoyed the emotion they brought to the stage. Danae Teblum plays the Witch, and I thought her performance really gave the character a lot of personality. The whole cast really did a great job bringing this production to life.

Florida Rep’s Assistant Education Director Christina DeCarlo directed this production, with Carolann M. Sanita as the Musical Director, the same intricate Into The Woods set by Nick Lease, projections by Rob Siler and Ben Lowe, and more beautiful costumes by Tony Toney. They all did an amazing job at bringing this adorable show together.

INTO THE WOODS JR. runs only through May 2, so get your tickets for one of the last couple performances now! Right now this is set to be Florida Rep’s last outdoor show, and the outdoor venue is very safe and fun. For more information and to buy tickets, click here:

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